Glass Fabrication Services

Tempering, insulated glass, polished edges, laminating, holes & cutouts, etc.

Tempered Glass

Custom Tempered Glass Tempering Oven

Fully tempered glass is approximately four times as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. When broken, by impact, fully tempered glass fractures into relatively small pieces meeting safety glazing requirements thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of serious cutting or piercing injuries in comparison with ordinary annealed glass. We are SGCC Certified for tempering glass.
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Insulated Glass

Air Spacer Bending Machine Curved Insulated Glass Unit Insulated Glass Units Insulated Glass Units Insulated Glass Units Insulated Glass Units

Insulating Glass (IG), also known as double pane, triple pane or double/triple glazing, consists of two or three panes of glass separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space to reduce heat transfer. IGs can be manufactured using regular (annealed), tempered, or laminated glass and can be made in thicknesses starting at 3/8" thick. They are generally made using: Single Strength (SSB), 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", or 3/16" glass, though other options are available.

Polished Edges

15 Spindle Edger - One of the Clearest Flat Polished Edges in the Industry Beveled Edge Rounded Polished Edge Rounded Polished Edge Rounded Polished Edge Rounded Polished Edge Flat Polished Edge Fabrication Flat Polished Edge Fabrication Flat Polished Edge

Our 15-Spindle Edger is the best in the industry for polishing glass. By using 15 spindles, our edging machine creates a virtually clear flat-polished edge on glass up to 4" thick. This machine can also miter an edge to a degree of your choosing. Flat-Polished Edges are generally used in applications such as: shower doors, table tops, shelves, and sneeze guards.

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Specialty Laminated Glass

3/4 inch laminated glass made by using two 3/8 inch pieces of glass

Our specialty laminated glass is made using a liquid lamination. This glass behaves just like standard laminated glass except for the fact it can be custom made. Nearly any two pieces of glass can be laminated together to turn them into safety glass. We can also use tempered glass to create and ultra-safe piece of glass. Typical applications include: railings, elevators, decorative glass, and more. Please contact us if you would like custom-made laminated glass.

Holes & Cutouts

Holes & Cutouts in Glass Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts Glass Cutouts

We have the capabilites to drill holes in glass for when hardware is needed such as door handles. We also have the capabilities to make cutouts in glass for uses like hinges in shower doors. Our CNC machine also has the capabilities to cut custom shapes for custom fabrication jobs.

Custom Shapes

Bottero CNC Glass Cutting Table Glass CNC Machine

Our CNC machine can be programmed to cut and fabricate highly detailed custom glass ranging from shower doors to unique shapes to specific cutouts and holes. Our Bottero CNC Cutting Table can also be programmed to cut custom shapes ranging from triangles to octagons to parallelograms. These custom shapes can be cut in any piece of glass and can also be used for IGs. Our glass fabrication capabilities are vastly broadened with our CNC capabilities

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